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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Homo Serpens - Something slithering this way comes

Been meaning to paint the Critical Mass snake men I got from their KS for ages .
Superb minis & vehicles.
I wracked my brain to go for a truly alien paint scheme & here it is - Pinkish sand + grey for the vehicles & Pinkish sand + Purple for the infantry.
The scheme is sand then washes of oil carmine painted overall.
Mounting them on irregular thick card bases makes them look better.
I will be using the older ones as Light scouts & the newer armoured ones as Infantry.

Thanks for your comments. Z

GZG 15mm Mercs & Scrathbuilt Hover Vehicles.

Hello again,
Started to paint the GZG 15mm Mercs & Scratchbuilt Hover Vehicles.
These figures are another great range by GZG. The leader Klaus Von Bastid  :) is an IonAge Mini
See also here

The mech is scratchbuilt using EM4 mecha legs.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Scrathbuilt stuff - Hunchback Mech & Herd Beast

This is a 6 legged creature ( mount or beast of burden or herd beast ) & a Work Mech for my Starport series.
The beast is a mini I got in the late 80's ( if I'm not mistaken ) from . I think they still make it.

Thanks for your comments. Z